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The third season of Heroes began airing Monday, September 22, 2008, beginning with Volume Three: Villains and will conclude with Volume Four: Fugitives, ending in May 2009. Volume Three begins with the assassination attempt on Nathan, and the consequences it has in the future. In addition, several villains escape from the confines of Level 5, and the Company attempts to recapture them while Volume Four starts with Nathan telling the President about the existence of evolved humans.

Volume Three: Villains

The third volume of Heroes, entitled Villains, aired for thirteen episodes.

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Chapter One — The Second Coming
Original Air Date: 22 September 2008
The man who shot Nathan is revealed. Nathan is visited in the hospital by a familiar face. Hiro receives a message from his father and meets a "speedster". Claire is visited by Sylar. Matt is sent against his will to a distant location. Mohinder learns something amazing because of Maya. Hiro sees his death by an unlikely person.
download : Episode 1: (Volume Three: Villains) The Second Coming

Chapter Two — The Butterfly Effect
Original Air Date: 22 September 2008
After Sylar murders Bob, Noah and many prisoners of Level 5 escape thanks to Elle. Tracy's power is revealed. Angela takes control of the Company. Mohinder experiences the side effects of his new found abilities. Meredith returns to protect Claire.
download : Episode 2: The Butterfly Effect

Chapter Three — One of Us, One of Them
Original Air Date: 29 September 2008
Angela sends Noah and his new partner, Sylar, to stop a bank heist led by Knox. Tracy tries to find answers about Niki, which leads her to Micah. Hiro loses the second half of an important formula to Daphne. Claire asks Meredith to teach her how to fight.
download: Episode 3: One of Us, One of Them

Chapter Four — I Am Become Death
Original Air Date: 6 October 2008
Tracy learns the secrets of her past, and her connection to Niki. Peter travels to the future, where he gains a dangerous new ability. Matt has visions of this same future, seeing a woman that he will one day have a child with. Hiro and Ando, looking for answers, free Adam Monroe from his grave.
download : Episode 4: I Am Become Death

Chapter Five — Angels and Monsters
Original Air Date: 13 October 2008
Nathan learns a secret from his past, that ties him even closer to Tracy. Hiro tries to befriend Daphne. Arthur Petrelli is revealed, and he works to recruit people to his cause using Maury Parkman's ability. Claire hunts after a villain herself, only to find how ruthless her father can be on his missions.
dwonload : Episode 5: Angels and Monsters
Chapter Six — Dying of the Light
Original Air Date: 20 October 2008
Arthur Petrelli reveals his ability. Matt tries to forge a relationship with Daphne as she works to recruit for the Pinehearst Company. Hiro and Ando search for Usutu. Claire and Sandra try to save Meredith from the clutches of Eric Doyle.
download: Episode 6: Dying of the Light

Chapter Seven — Eris Quod Sum
Original Air Date: 27 October 2008
Peter Petrelli attempts to escape the Pinehearst Company. Matt saves Daphne, as she works to recruit him for the Pinehearst Company. Hiro and Ando begin a spirit journey with Usutu. Claire and Elle travel to the Pinehearst Company for help. Mohinder works to perfect the Company's formula.
download: Episode 7: Eris Quod Sum

Chapter Eight — Villains
Original Air Date: 10 November 2008
Hiro has a vision of the past, showing how villains Arthur, Sylar, and Flint became the way they are. Thompson captures Meredith, forcing her to become an agent for the Company. Angela Petrelli learns the truth of Arthur and Linderman's schemes. Noah and Elle track Sylar, and help shape his transformation into a monster.
download : Episode 8: Villains

Chapter Nine — It's Coming
Original Air Date: 17 November 2008
Ando tries to help Hiro regain his memories after they are wiped by Arthur. Nathan and Tracy confront Arthur. Knox and Flint chase after Peter and Claire, hoping to forcefully recruit Claire to the Pinehearst Company. Sylar reunites with Elle and learns an amazing truth about his abilities. Matt and Daphne try to awaken Angela from her coma.
download : Episode 9: It's Coming

Chapter Ten — The Eclipse, Part 1
Original Air Date: 23 November 2008
Arthur braces himself for something he cannot control. Peter and Nathan go after the Haitian. Sylar and Elle are sent to retrieve the catalyst. An eclipse has an unwelcome effect. Hiro and Ando continue their quest to repair Hiro's memories. Matt learns something about Daphne.
download : Episode 10: The Eclipse : Part 1

Chapter Eleven — The Eclipse, Part 2
Original Air Date: 1 December 2008
The eclipse ends. Noah plays a game of cat and mouse with Sylar and Elle. Hiro doesn't want to grow up. Mohinder rebels against Arthur. Peter and Nathan help the Haitian face Baron Samedi. Matt helps Daphne reconcile with her father.
download : Episode 11: The Eclipse : Part 2

Chapter Twelve — Our Father
Original Air Date: 8 December 2008
In 1991, Claire and Hiro witness Kaito Nakamura, giving baby Claire to Noah, finding out the origins about the catalyst. Nathan takes command of Pinehearst's operations, with Tracy helping him. Sylar pays a visit to a living lie detector to find truth about his parentage. Peter and The Haitian go to Pinehearst to confront his father. Matt, Daphne and Ando seek Isaac's last issue of 9th Wonders.
download : Episode 12: Our Father

Chapter Thirteen — Dual
Original Air Date: 15 December 2008
After the death of their father, Nathan and Peter have a confrontation over the formula. Matt, Daphne and Ando try to save Hiro by giving Ando an ability. Sylar, wanting information about his parentage, takes Angela, Claire, Noah and Meredith hostage at Primatech, and Mohinder finally rids himself of his ability.
download :Episode 13: Dual

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